Terms & Conditions


Fill out the booking form when you choose the room you want to book and you will receive a confirmation email to the address indicated on the reservation. It is important that you add info@hallchiado to your list of e-mail addresses to ensure that you receive our response. Before your arrival, we will send another email with useful information, as well as the personal access code so you can enter in the building and in your room.



The Hall Chiado is an extension of your home. Located in the Chiado, the property is composed of 9 rooms and a nice hall. The recovery of the property, aimed at creating a cozy and comfortable place with mostly Portuguese materials was finalized in September 2012. If something does not work properly during your stay, please contact us as soon as possible through the phone number 351 910061500 and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. If we need to access your room during your stay to resolve any maintenance issue or repairs, we will contact you in advance using the phone number you provided in the reservation.



You are in the most trendy area of Lisbon, where you have a very nice offer for breakfast. As such, we suggest some iconic places to enjoy our food. 



Every day between 12:00 and 15:00 we will pass by your room to perform daily cleaning and making beds. The change of towels will be made only upon request, otherwise the change of sheets and towels will only be made with the change of guests or after 7 days. In rooms where there is a kitchenette, washing the dishes will be the responsibility of the guest.



We are always available to assist guests during their stay. Please call us at the number 351 910061500 if you need assistance. Inside the Hall Chiado, you will find several notes with suggestions that may be useful during your stay.



All rooms have free access to internet wifi. You will find the network name and its password in your room. If you have any problem with the access, please call 351 910061500.



Pets are not allowed in the Hall Chiado.



All rooms have free connection to the TV with 80 channels available.



Arrival is made after 15:00 and departure before 12:00.



Only customers included in the reservation have the right to remain in the room.



The credit card will only be charged on the day of arrival. If you prefer to pay with a different credit card or in cash, just let us know beforehand.

The invoice will be sent by email in PDF format, after the stay, upon customer request.

Our cancellation policy is the following:

- If you cancel until 48h before date of arrival, there will be no charge;

- If you cancel less than 48h in advance, we will charge the amount for one night;

- In case of no show without notice, we will charge the total amount.

If you make a reservation with the tariff "non-refundable", the total amount will be charged to the credit card indicated in the reservation on the day of booking. In case of cancellation, modification or no-show there will be no refund of the amount paid.

Since the Hall Chiado allows great flexibility and freedom to your customers, with no check-out, we have no way to verify the proper delivery of the rooms at the moment of departure. As such, we reserve the right to charge for damages or missing parts. To purchase any of our parts, please contact us at the number 351 910061500.

If the room is damaged, the reparation value is reported to the client and charged.



Please send an email to info@hallchiado.pt if you need to change the dates of your reservation. We only accept amendments received by email, not by phone. Any change of dates depends on room availability. 



You will receive a personal code to enter the Hall Chiado and your room. If you lose the code, let us know immediately for us to assign you a new code.



We hope that you use the room and its contents carefully. All specific rules for use of the room and its equipment must be respected. If there is any problem, damage or malfunction, you must inform us immediately by phone 351 910061500 so we can fix it quickly.

Guests are not allowed to sub-lease or lend the room to third parties.

Smoking is not allowed in any part of the property.

The Chiado Hall can not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, which occurs during the period of reservation, including personal injury or damage caused by fire, theft or criminal behavior. The Hall Chiado is not responsible for any problems related to electricity, water, gas, internet access or TV, but please contact us immediately to 351 910061500 if any of these problems occur, so that we can address it as quickly as possible.

If any of the rules described are not met, we reserve the right to expel the guest, who will lose the right to any compensation or claim.

The reservation of a room in Hall Chiado means that the guest accepts and respects these conditions.

We appreciate your help in all these subjects and we hope you understand that these rules are necessary.

We hope you enjoy your stay here and that the Hall Chiado is really an extension of your home. Keep coming back...